The Leading Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions For Mid-Size To Large Enterprises

Microsoft Dynamics AX is formerly known as Axapta, is one of the inclusive, leading Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP). Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a modern, efficient and single software solution for all those companies working in the global market. Microsoft Dynamics AX is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family which also includes:

Microsoft Dynamics GP (designed for mid-market companies)
Microsoft Dynamics NAV (designed for small companies)
Microsoft Dynamics SL (designed for small and medium-sized companies)
What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

ERP is management software typically used by businesses to suite their integrating applications. The main purpose of using the ERP is to gather, store, administer and analyze the data from different business activities. In simple words, it is an integrated system that operates in the real-time with no relying on intermittent update The system is currently available on any different forms, so it is vital to find the best suitable software solution to optimize the different process of the business.The ERP software industry is a billion dollar business that produces elements that sustain diverse business functions. ERP is used in different modules such as Human resource, financial planning, supply chain, project management, CRM, manufacturing, data services and operation management.

Big investment opportunities

The Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most preferred vendor among the Global Enterprise Organizations having revenue between $50 million to $1 billion. MS Dynamics AX can help the business across various locations and countries, simply by combining and conforming processes across the organization. With a broad variety of industry-specific solutions, the Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a business organization solution that can suit any of your current needs and future demands.

The cloud can help the business to grow- Running MS Dynamics AX can aid to diminish the operating expenses, expand business value rapidly, and ease rapid business transformation and development.
It helps to keep the business achievement on time by developing the predictability and quality of the project.
Big time investment opportunity for SAP-Ms Dynamics AX can help you optimize, unite and connect business operations while sustaining SAP performance as core ERP provider of the business.
Maximizing IT infrastructure investment

The users can start earning ROI on their investments right away.
It provides easy-to-use tools and a familiar look and feel
It encourages rapid user adoption thus; people are up and running quickly.
It increases the value of your data by offering people access to more information and development in MS Dynamics AX at a condensed certify price.
It is tightly integrated with Microsoft products and technologies and superior performance and scalability
It helps to improve the total cost of the IT architecture.
The improved Web services framework helps in integrating with operating partners. The elastic workflow that helps in implementing internal controls, run special circumstances, and adjust processes to new business models.

There are limitless advantages to this Software. However, the software is easy to learn and use, therefore, the user is able to deliver the reports faster, take advantage of business prospects, and bring all user involvement and innovation across the organization. Pervasive interoperability of the software allows you to take advantage of offered investments, diminish the total cost of ownership (TCO), and offer innovation in your organization.The only limitation of the software is that it is not customizable to big ERP requirements. Whereas systems like Oracle and SAP are extremely beneficial to hold such requirements.